Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wouldn't You Know It

Well, the trip was GREAT, but exhausting. I failed my goal of trying to blog at night. Since we've been back we've dealt with more of Kate's issues and I haven't had time to post about the trip. I WILL do it. You'll just have to be patient with me. :) If you still check this blog, then you are more patient than I would be. Hopefully I'll get a day or two up in the next day or two.


Amy Mac said...

Looking forward to seeing them!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too. Hope Kate feels better soon.


Anonymous said...

We are still here. But not to pressure or cause you to put pressure on yourself! Just thought I'd check it and it really looks cute.

Busy vacations with kids...or any really...are just exhausting.

Take care of your family and I am sure we will all check back later to hear all about it and see some cute pics.

Nana in the north

Jeremy said...

Dear Courington family -- I'm curious to know if your family has any family roots / connections in its history in Walker County, AL. I have family roots there with the Couringtons and, although I know it's a common name, I'd be interested to know. I've been able to, however accurate it is, trace back about 14 generations. If there is any lead, you can contact me via email provided from the link to my page. Thank you.